Your Faith Inspired Transformation for a F.I.T. Soul, Mind and Body Starts here.

Whether you are looking to improve your health, your confidence, find your purpose, and or your spiritual walk, coaching with Amy Ramsey will help you achieve your goals with her proven simplified, systematic, and very personalized strategic plans to get you in ACTION to having lasting change and transformation in your life.

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Become transformed in the renewing of your mind based on scripture and backed by science. 

  • Become more confident in yourself and your purpose
  • Have more energy as you live life fully with intention and passion
  • Find inner peace by releasing fear, worry, and control ​
  • Experience more joy and excitement about the path before you ​
  • Become unstoppable with your vibrant vision and God-sized goals
  • ​Build healthy habits around exercise, nutrition, and spiritual growth to give you more energy and lose unwanted weight while establishing structure in your life

The Fit Soul Jumpstart

It is time to ditch the defaulted lifestyle and have that hopeful and expectant outlook for the future again! In this program, you'll:

  • Create a lifestyle by DIVINE DESIGN
  • Learn KEY Decisions for a SUCCESSFUL LIFE
  • Become EMOTIONALLY Healthy
  • ​Have increased ENERGY
  • Be More ACTIVE
  • ​Start living a more PRODUCTIVE and INTENTIONAL LIFE

The Fit Soul Worthy Walk

Worthy Walk is a BREAKTHROUGH Guided Meditation Program to help you get into realignment with who God says you are.

  • Includes: Guided Audio Meditation & Devotion with Bible Verses
  • Goal: You listen to the audio while you go on a walk.
  • Proven Mind-blowing Breakthroughs!

Through the Scripture, through meditation and just talking to the Lord through this one program, I am honored to say it has had massive breakthrough with women in all walks of life.

The Fit Soul 6 Slimdown

Focusing on my “6 Pillars of Health”, you’ll be on your way to being the healthiest, happiest version of YOU!

  • 6 Weeks of Meal Plans: Ditch the diet while you heal your gut, reduce joint pain, keep your body energized naturally... learn how to eat for your unique body. 
  • Fitness: 24/7 express workouts, all fitness levels welcome. Think trainer on demand! 
  • Healthy Habits: The exclusive Fit Soul Success Path™ is your simplified, daily action step roadmap designed to help you progress in nutrition, fitness, stress management and mindset while eliminating overwhelm.
  • Hormone Health: Join me and my expert guest & functional practitioner will give you the “skinny” on hormone health and weight loss.
  • Masterclasses: Masterclasses by Amy on nutrition, fitness, stress management, hormones, and sleep that will empower and educate you.

The Fit Soul Mindset : Six Habits of Growth

Your potential demands you to challenge yourself to grow.

In this course, Amy addresses the six habits necessary to grow each and every day, and gives you the tools necessary to answer these important questions:

  • How do you approach your motivation?
  • How do you aim your focus?
  • How do you express and develop your confidence?
  • How do you care for your energy?
  • What you decide your purposeful living is like today.
  • How you choose to lead your family or others to make your largest contribution.

Worthy Morning Routine

Win your WORTHY morning with 7 simple steps!

Each strategic step is a soulful approach to strengthening your relationship with Christ and also scientifically proven to prime your brain for success. The WORTHY MORNING ROUTINE will help you to prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to win the day!

My Courses & Products Available Courses & Products
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